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What is B2B Marketing | Strategy, Benefits & Trends

B2B Marketing is one of the best marketing methods to grow our b2b business. It defines networking, lead generation, and branding. With the current change in technology and online marketing, it is one of the most trending methods companies are adopting nowadays. What Is B2B Marketing?  B2B or business to business marketing refers to marketing …


What is Social Media Marketing. Types, Benefits & Strategy

The social media platform has become the junction point for all types of business promotion. Companies are highly interested in social media marketing. Viral posts, influencer marketing, reels, video shorts, promotional advertisement, events, webinars, etc. are some of the common things we normally see on social media platforms. What is social media marketing? What is …


Top 10 Social Media Strategy for Small Business

We are living in the digital world and social media is a boon for small businesses. To attain beneficial results from social media, a proper marketing strategy is necessary. You can find large customers for your business and increase your sale and brand awareness with social media platforms. Business is always considered as risky but …