How To Start A Blog. Step By Step Guide

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Blogging is one of the best online business ideas you can start. It is one of the trending business ideas the current days. Blogging is loved by those who have strong knowledge of any particular topic, and they can write. For those who love writing, blogging is the best profession they can start and earn a good income. You can start with any topic you know.

Blog Requirement

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting Server
  3. Blog Theme
  4. Articles on Blog
  5. Image

Choose Your Blog Niche

Blogging can be started on any topic but there is some popular niche you can start with. These are event blogs, Technology blogs, Travel blogs, Educational blogs, Lifestyle Blogs, Food blogs, Sports blogs, Beauty blogs, etc.

Choose Your Blogging Platform

There are many platforms for blogging, but the most preferred are and word press. Blogger is a Google platform. There is no need for a hosting server when you start your blog on blogger. The only you need is your domain name.

If you want to start your blogging journey with WordPress, you need a domain as well as a hosting server. Blogger and WordPress are both the best platforms for blogging but if you ask me the best one among these two, I would recommend you to choose word press. It is because you will get some plugin features in WordPress helpful to website look and features as well as website ranking.

Domain & Hosting

To start your blog, you need to purchase a domain signifying your blog address and hosting server to hold your blog on the internet. You can purchase both domains and hosting services from hosting is the best hosting Provider Company at a cheap price and is the best in service.

WordPress Setting for Your Blog

Choose Your Blog Theme

To start your blog you need to have a blog theme for your blogging website. If your blog is on blogger you can use a paid theme or free theme based on your budget. Remember your theme should be the latest and responsive to different devices.

Start Writing Your Blog Post

If you are a passionate writer start writing articles for your blog on your blog niche. You should write your article on the right keyword searched from keyword research tools. Article written on the right keywords will help your blog in Google’s first-page ranking. You can research from the Google keyword research tool.

Add Image To Your Blog Post

As per the article, a thumbnail image is required with each article. The image also helps the blog to rank and drive traffic. An attractive and good-quality image always performs better than another blog article.

Start SEO & Digital Marketing of Your Blog

Basic Knowledge of SEO and Digital marketing can add value to your blog. This not only helps you to rank your blog article better in the Google listing but also generates traffic for your blog. Learning SEO and Digital Marketing is a common trend if you think to start your online business. There are a lot of online resources available to learn. You can learn by reading tutorial articles or watching videos of digital marketing courses.

Learning digital marketing takes time. To save your time and get results in a short time you can hire some experts for your blog. If you want to rank your article in a short time you can hire a freelance expert or digital marketing agency. You can hire a digital marketing agency for your blog to rank and get good traffic.

Monetize Your Blog  & Start Earning Money

You have to create your AdSense account linked Gmail account. after creating an Adsense account you have to submit your blog and apply for monetization. the google Adsense team will check your blog and verify whether all the terms and conditions are followed or not. if everything is found your blog gets Adsense approval and you will start earning as per your blog traffic. 

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