Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Difference B/W Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing

Today, everything is shifting online and is getting digitalized then why not the businesses? The growing trend of digitalization has caught up the marketing methods. The arrival of smartphones and other digital appliances is attracting the public to their applications.

Nowadays, everything is going digital. People now prefer reading newspapers online and watching the news on mobile phones. These digital gadgets are appearing friendlier to the users. Therefore, shifting the marketing arena digitally was the need of the time.

Everyone needs change in their life and work to sustain the competition. Due to this, we can see a huge shift towards digital marketing from the traditional way of marketing. If you are confused about what to choose for better outcomes in marketing, then you are in the right place. Let’s have a look at both forms of marketing.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing methods were used in earlier times. This is the form of marketing without the use of the Internet that is through offline mediums. Before the emergence of the internet, this was the popular form of marketing.

In traditional marketing, various conventional methods are used to reach customers. Traditional mediums like magazines, newspapers, broadcast, direct mails, print, etc are used to develop their business growth.

Interest, desire, awareness, and decision are the four important phases of traditional marketing. Since it was used earlier, does not mean it is less effective. The TV and radio commercials have a long-lasting impact on people’s minds.

If your business requires targeting a local audience then this form of marketing is a good choice. However, results through these methods can be time taking because you are unable to know the response.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the newer form of marketing strategy. With its high growing pace, they became an important part of the marketing techniques. Internet is the key factor of this form of marketing. Marketing with the help of various digital means refers to digital marketing. Planning, conversation, sequels, and content are the four major phases of digital marketing.

In this form of marketing, digital tools like websites or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are used to promote and expand their business. It is considered as the modern tactic to influence users. There are large numbers of active internet users therefore, this form of marketing promises beneficial results.

The major advantage offered by digital marketing is that you can track user response. If someone responds, you’ll receive an alert. It also saves money and time. There is no hassle to interact physically. Another biggest benefit is the scope. The reach of digital marketing is beyond the limits. You can target a global audience just by sitting at a place with your fingertips.

However, this marketing strategy will not be much effective for senior citizens or people who don’t have much knowledge of the digital field.

Difference B/W Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing

There are many ways through which marketing can be done. The attention of audiences can be captured either through traditional methods or through digital methods. The basic difference lies in the way you send your message to the audience. Traditional marketing vs digital marketing is the topic of concern. Let’s check out the differences between the two.

Ease of access:

: In terms of accessibility, traditional marketing will be accessed only during working hours. They will assist you only in the serving time. No services will be provided after the serving period, whereas digital marketing is flexible with time. They offer 24 by 7 services to their client as there is no time-bound.


In terms of cost, digital marketing is much better than traditional marketing. Traditional marketing involves costs like printing, ads on televisions, etc. These costs are incurred in digital marketing techniques.


Only one-way communication is possible in traditional marketing. It means there is no option for feedback. In this marketing, only the company will say and the customers have to listen. In digital marketing, communication is multi-directional. Both the customer and client are allowed to interact with each other digitally.


The results can be traced in real-time when working on digital marketing. You will get to know the response immediately. But in traditional marketing, it almost takes a month to give you updates. Therefore, the speed of generating results is faster in digital marketing.


The traditional marketing techniques are applied only to the local audience. The reach of this form of marketing is limited. Although it is the best choice for local targets but fails to fulfill the global demand. In the case of digital marketing, global reach is at your fingertips. You can target a worldwide audience easily.


The products or services are available as hardcopy (newspaper) in traditional marketing. Therefore, it could create difficulty while accessing. In digital marketing, all the services are available as soft copy that is in non-tangible form (website). They can be accessed by anyone at any time.


Since in traditional marketing people can meet physically, it is a more personal approach when compared to the digital one. Direct interaction with the customers can have a better influence. The interaction in digital marketing is purely virtual. People can communicate through comments and replies.

What to Choose?

The issue of which one is better between traditional and digital methods is difficult to resolve. For some people, the traditional method is good to increase their business growth while some prefer digital means to go far in their work.

Both are having their pros and cons, according to which you have to choose best for yourself. Both the methods are highly effective in terms of marketing but to decide which is better, you must first check who the audiences are. Recognizing your audience requirement will help you to opt for the correct route for your business.

It has been found that most of the people above 50 are interested in offline modes. They prefer reading newspapers, watching television, or listening to the radio. Therefore, if your targeted audience includes senior citizens, then you must go with traditional marketing. On the other hand, the youngsters are interested in newer technologies and gadgets. Hence, if your targeted audience is the new generation, then you should choose digital marketing.